Announcing Our New Children’s Book


On Froggy Pond is a beautifully illustrated book like no other, delighting children with songs and magical colours while gently educating them about the world’s environmental issues. Other topics are dedicated to helping children build friendships, self-esteem, kindness, and learning to share and care for each other.

Children will be introduced to a hoard of insects that may not seem so scary after learning about them in the fun facts section, perfect for the budding Entomologist. There are 16 colouring-in pages for emerging artists to create their own colours. We certainly kept the parents in mind with quips and jokes for their enjoyment.

179 pages
Soft Cover
Includes 16 colouring-in pages and 10 pages of fun facts.


Littlepond Chronicles is a small self-publishing book company in Brisbane, Queensland.

We are proud to announce that orders are now available for our first children’s book, On Froggy Pond.

Determined to make sure this children’s book was published to the highest standard, C.S. Fagan, the author of On Froggy Pond, took control and enlisted a talented illustrator, Kathryn Whiteford, a clever book formatter Luke Harris (Working Type Studio), a creative website designer, Grace Neumann (GN Designs), a first-rate structural editor, Carody Culver and an accomplished printing company, Cornerstone Press to assist in bringing this children’s book to life; proudly keeping it Australian made.

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In late 1898, the murders of four people horrified the nation of Australia.  Those murders – of Alfred Hill near Oxley and Michael, Nora, and Ellen Murphy near Gatton, remain unresolved.  In both cases, the conduct of the police was so appalling it resulted in calling for a Royal Commission. In 1902, a policeman and a station manager were murdered in the Carnarvon Ranges – Pat Kenniff was hanged, having been found guilty, and his brother James had his hanging sentence commuted to life imprisonment. Once again,  the actions of the police were analysed by the public. Questions are still being raised as to whether those two brothers were actually guilty and puts forth the question as to where, how, and if, the mysterious Thomas Day fits into these crimes.

There are intriguing links between all three crimes – the circumstances of the Gatton and Carnarvon Ranges murders being particularly sadistic.

This book is an introduction before the release of a much more comprehensive volume which will deal with all three crimes in greater detail.