Refunds and Returns


1. At Littlepond Chronicles we love and have confidence in our products and we are confident that you will love them too.  That’s why we are prepared to stand behind our products.


2. Time for returns/refunds. If you wish to seek a return in respect of any product then you must do so within 30 days of dispatch of the product by Littlepond Chronicles.


3. Process for returns.  If seeking a refund, please first contact us by email at:  with your order number and the description of the product you wish to return and the reason for your return request.


4. Valid reasons for returns and invalid reasons.  Littlepond Chronicles will (conditionally – subject to 5 below) accept return of and product for refund in the following circumstances:

  • The product does not match the description of the product ordered; i.e. the wrong product has been supplied;
  • There is a defect in the product.

Littlepond Chronicles will not accept return of product for refunds in the following circumstances:

  • You have simply changed your mind;
  • The packaging has been opened and the product substantially used or damaged.


5. Returning products.  If we approve your request to return a product for refund we will notify you by return email of where you must send the product to return it to us and we will also provide you with a “returns number” which should be written on the outside of the packaging by which you send the product back to us.  Products must be returned by prepaid post and we would suggest that, when returning product, you insure the product with Australia Post and further suggest that you use the registered mail service for your added protection.  You should keep any shipping receipt for your records.  All product returned must be either in its original packaging intact or accompanied by the original packaging.  If the product is not returned in or with the original packaging then Littlepond Chronicles will not provide a refund.  Littlepond Chronicles does not cover the return postage costs – those costs must be borne by you.


6. Method of refund.  If Littlepond Chronicles approves a refund then you may elect to take that refund by the following means:

  • Refund of the price paid for the product credited to the original form of payment; or
  • Exchange for the correct or equivalent product.

Once we have processed your request and inspected the returned product (as per 4 and 5 above), if we approve the return for refund we will email you to advise we have approved the return for refund and will offer you the choice of the means of refund as per the above. Once you have received our email approving the refund you must respond with your choice of how you would like the refund to be provided.

7. Time to process refund.  Once a refund has been approved we will process it promptly.  We will usually process a refund within 5 business days of receipt of the email from you electing the method of refund.

8. Only refunds for direct purchases.  Littlepond Chronicles cannot and will not provide any refunds in respect of any Littlepond Chronicles products purchased from other retailers.  Only products purchased from this website are eligible for a request for return and refund.